31.1.19-The beginning of the 2nd semester is upon us! StudentVille had a look in Universia and found some amazing apps that will make your time more productive and organized, and make studying more fun! 

We found some apps in Universia that are so amazing that they can solve any mathematical equation, showing you the step by step results, others that allow you to record classes and lectures and  others which are a valuable aid in organizing  your schedule. Some are well known and others less known among students but all are very useful. My Study Life splits into "Today, Tasks, Class" and “Exams” which allows you to store useful information to help you organize your time. As lecturers distribute more tasks, you can keep adding them in and generate a new time management plan. Sound Note is also very popular and works simultaneously as a notepad and audio recorder. The app allows the student to record the lecture and simultaneously make notes and write down what is shared in the classroom. The My Scrip Calculator app allows you to write-out calculations by hand, as if you were writing on graph paper. The tool automatically recognizes the characters you draw, transforming them into digital characters and performing the relevant calculations.

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