24.1.19-The lake by Espelho d'Agua, in Belém will lighten up with floating lanterns for the Lantern Floating Night, next 16th of February.  

Lisbon will have a different night on the 16th of February, or at least more luminous and spiritual one. This will be all thanks to the Floating Lantern Night, an event inspired by the Asian tradition of launching lanterns in the water in gratitude of the past, in assessing the present and in hope for the future, that in some countries such as Thailand or China gave rise to festivals with thousands of people, and which will take place in the artificial lake,Espelho d'Agua in Belém, by the Padrão dos Descobrimentos. In addition to launching your lantern on the lake in front of the river Tejo, you may also write a personal message on it. As expressed by the organization We are Happy From-All Cities Collection “your flashlight means something unique for you. But when attached to others, gives a collective voice to individual hopes and dreams”. Come and participate in the event and buy your flashlight- you can`t bring it from home, you have to buy one previously online. The lanterns are limited, and required for entrance to the event, costing 10€ and each one can be launched by two people. They will be distributed among the participants between 17h15 and 18h15 and the launching starting at 18h30. 

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