11.07.19 Coimbra is to be congratulated! This Sunday the Machado de Castro Museum was distinguished as a UNESCO World Heritage site, being thus classified as World Heritage of the University of Coimbra, High and Sofia.

 In the 43rd session of the United Nations Heritage Committee, the Machado de Castro Museum was classified by UNESCO, despite already being included in the area since 2013. It was only this year that it was distinguished as until now, and since the application was submitted, it was under restoration and remodeling works.

 The space of the museum was an administrative, political and religious center in Roman times, it was a Christian temple, at least since the 11th century and an episcopal palace from the second half of the 12th century, being a national monument since 1910.

This is another attraction to visit in Coimbra, where you can stay at the  StudentVille Academia residence!

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