21.2.2019- Faculty of Science and Technology of Coimbra University student awarded a prize for his work in renewable energy! The World is increasingly sensitive to environmental policies and sustainable development and the advances made in the energy industry in our country are notorious. StudentVille is an active voice in the renewable energy sector and an example in environmental protection and environmental sustainability policy, through ethical principles and practices in all of our residences  notably through our use of solar panels and many other systems which grant us great energy efficiency certifications - which help us be more effective with the energy that we use and in improving our world. As this is such an important topic for us, we wanted to emphasize Tiago Caetano Madeira’s work, student from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at FCTUC. He was distinguished thanks to his work on "a new control strategy for generators wind farms”, developed within the framework of his master thesis entitled "Model Predictive Control of a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Connected to a dc-grid, for Distributed Generation”, which received a final grade of 19 out of 20.  ABB, a Swiss-Swedish multinational company and leader in providing digital solutions for the industry and energy sectors annually distinguishes the Master Student in electrical engineering and computing from the College of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra(FCTUC) with the highest ranking Master thesis, developed in the areas of "adjustable / variation of speed or power transformers". We, therefore, congratulate Tiago who’s award ceremony took place on the 10th of January at FCTUC’s Council Chamber in the presence of the ABB’s Managing Director in Portugal, Miguel Pernes, and FCTUC Director, Luis Neves. Follow the link to know more! 

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