3.1.19-A new year has startedand its time to set new goals. But it all depends on you. Therefore, we leave you with some tricks to combat procrastination in this new stage, so that everything you idealize can come true - with no excuses.

A new year has starded. Take a deep breath, receive the new energies and prepare new thoughts. But be aware that for this to happen, you must accept that the postponement of tasks for the person who is procrastinating results in stress, guilt, loss of productivity and embarassement in relation to others, for not fulfilling their responsibilities and commitments. Although procrastination is considered normal, it becomes a problem when it impedes the normal functioning of actions. 

That's why Harvard University is helping students tackle this real problem that can boycott your goals for 2019, from not leaving everything to the last minute, starting tasks immediately, relying on your abilities to work with a partner and share responsibility, thus motivating its implementation. To know more follow this link and have a Great 2019!

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