5.8.2021-The Prime Minister of Portugal announced the new Portuguese lifting restrictive measures plan for the country, which starts on 1st of August and runs until October and brings great news for Portuguese and foreign citizens, who intend to visit or study in the country. 

On the 1st of August, Portugal takes the first of three steps back to the normality of the country. As the vaccination plan is progressing (data from Our World in Data, Portugal is well above the European Union average in Group immunity, with around 55% of the population vaccinated) confidence, security and optimism are already being felt in the country, especially in the catering and accommodation sectors. By October, a total lifting of restrictive measures is expected in the country, including the reopening of pubs and discos! 

A measure taken for the whole territory refers to the access to tourist and local accommodation establishments. To have access to them is necessary for Portuguese and foreign citizens to present the Digital Covid Certificate, the document of European scope that proves the complete vaccination against Covid-19 or the existence of antigen test. 

Portugal,  considered the best tourist destination in Europe and one the most perfect to live, from this summer onwards begins to breathe the much desired and deserved freedom.  

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