02.05.19 Coimbra celebrates at the academic year at "Queima das Fitas", from May 3rd to 10th where all the students wear the colours of their colleges and have a blast!

The students' festival, which is celebrated in May, has become a tourist attraction in Coimbra, bringing in thousands of spectators to attend parades, dances and serenades. These parties celebrate the end of the academic year and the beginning of the month of study that precedes the final exams.

A wave of joy and enthusiasm invades Coimbra when a crowd of students gather at the Sé Velha to listen to the traditional serenade. It is this Song from Coimbra that kicks-off the famous academic festival, the "Queima das Fitas". For a week, the city is marked by countless cultural events, such as the Academic Sarau, the Prom Gala, the Garraiada in Figueira da Foz, the Dancing Tea, among others. But the most crowded and meaningful day is at Largo da Feira. The traditional “sprout” is burned in the Praxe potty and the wide ribbons of each faculty are released, symbolisingthe student’s transition into finalists.

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