25.8.2022-Due to the more than double increase in demand for student accommodation between 2011 and 2020, justified by the choice of the country for the realization of study plans, such as ERASMUS, the StudentVille presents as the solution designed for you! 

The number of international students has been constantly growing, contributing significantly to an increase in accommodation demand. The low cost of living, levels of security and the quality and recognition of Portuguese universities have been crucial factors in this development, with numbers rising from 7% in 2011 to 15% in 2020. 

In Lisbon, the supply in the accommodation market is well below the European average and is especially low considering the country's choice of study plans, such as ERASMUS.  

The StudentVille group knows and recognises this reality in providing an answer to all those who seek a solution and for this reason has been growing. Already with 3 residences of excellence, unlike many other residences, StudentVille has for you the option of single and shared rooms, and they are all equipped with double bed, en-suite bathroom - and mini-fridge - providing you with a higher comfort and quality than most residences in Lisbon. 

Although more student residences have appeared in the city, none have managed to reach StudentVille's high standards.  

Get to know in Lisbon the Studios, the Central and the new project under construction the Palma and in Coimbra the StudentVille Academia. With us, you are never alone! 

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