Coimbra celebrates the European Robotics Week and becomes the stage for technological innovation!!

22.11.18 - Initiatives that bring research and development of robotics closer 
to the general public are increasingly important 
and that’s what you will find this week in Coimbra, 
with a program designed to promote this area, as well as in other European cities, 
on occasion of the European Robotics Week 2018!!


The presence of robotics in our life is increasingly evident in the most diverse areas.
 Therefore, Coimbra as the city of knowledge and in the vanguard of technology brings us the initiative
 Robotics In Our Lives @ DEEC with the aim of promoting and disseminating activities 
and research developed in the field of robotics, that will happen between the 19th and 24th of November,
associated with the European Robotics Week 2018 
that will take place in different parts around Europe from the 16th to 25th of November 2018.
 We can find exhibitions, visits to laboratories, workshops, lectures and presentation
 of ongoing projects at FCTUC, as well as daily seminars on the connection between the different
 areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Robotics.  
The programme is dedicated to the general public and also to students from primary to higher education.

To register and learn more about the program, follow the link:


Join the future!!
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