29/06/2023 - Coimbra City Festivities, from 30 June to 08 July 2023

Another edition of the City of Coimbra Festivities is about to begin, this year featuring renowned names of the national music linked to various local projects, which also include an international tribute project to one of the greatest bands ever, the Beatles.

The Jardim da Sereia will, once again, be the stage for all these festivities, with nine free concerts, thus reinforcing Coimbra's position as a city of reference in the staging of open-air musical shows, and capable of mobilising the city and attracting countless visitors.

The programme also includes several other cultural and sports events, among many other initiatives.

The City of Coimbra Festivities are based on the collaboration and participation of the entire city, from the citizens to the institutions and heritage sites, also ensuring the capacity to attract tourists. This is also the characteristic that makes this a wide-ranging and dynamic celebration and, therefore, the great and long-awaited festival of Coimbra.

Entrance is free.

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