About Us

Our story How it all began

Taking on from their own experience of studying abroad, our founders have a first-hand understanding of how important it is to live in quality housing whilst undergoing your studies. Having comfortable and en-suite private rooms, modern buildings and amenities, the opportunity to meet students from different backgrounds and being close to campus truly matters.

On their return to Portugal, our founders noted the poor offering of residences on the market, causing most students to rent apartments either by themselves or in groups of 2 or 3, and often without real contracts - which caused great problems to many of them. This also made it a lot harder for students to meet new people and build a solid group of friends to truly experience university life with.

Since we believe that university can be one of the best times of your life, we decided to give this beautiful country the student residences it deserves... StudentVille was born!

Our Advantages We're World Class

StudentVille presents you with the first (and only) purpose-built student residence in Lisbon, which has been carefully designed to be the best. Unlike most other residences, none of our rooms are shared, and all have a double bed and en-suite bathrooms offering you the best comfort as well as your own privacy when you need it. Being built from scratch means our buildings are newer and therefore better quality than most. And whilst we've since seen more student residences popping up around Lisbon, none have been made to the exclusive standards of StudentVille.

StudentVille believes that a student residence is way more than just a place to sleep, but rather a community you should be able to enjoy: as such, we offer the best amenities not only in Lisbon but also in Coimbra, which include great indoor and outdoor common areas with games rooms and TV rooms - so you can watch your favourite series and football matches - a gym so you can keep fit, all of the basics you'll need such as laundry rooms and kitchens, amongst others. Oh, and did we mention the terrace with loungers on the top floor so that you can catch those rays - don't worry, if it gets too hot you can always jump in the pool!

Tourism In the Summer

Visiting Portugal for the Summer? You're in luck! As our students return home for the Summer months of July and August, we transform into a brilliant guest-house providing you with a great place to stay. During the day you can explore everything Lisbon or Coimbra have to offer, and in the evening you return to the comfort of a modern home with all of the amenities you could possibly need on a holiday.

Make use of our gym and go for a swim in the pool, and make use of our living areas, kitchens and laundries - from comfort to practicality, our community is definitely a brilliant option for your stay. Deal with a professional company rather than private homeowners, and rest assured that you will be coming home to a clean and safe residence.

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