I'm a tourist. Can I also stay at the residence?

Of course you can! During July and August, our student make use of the Summer holidays to go back home. During these months, we turn into a local guest house and rent rooms per night to tourists who are visiting our beautiful city... And of course, you will have access to all of our amenities!

Do I pay more if I use a lot of water and electricity?

Water, electricity, internet and heating bills are all included in your standard room price, although fines may be charged if this service is abused of.

What documents do I need to submit with my reservation?

Apart from the Summer, when tourists are welcome, our residences are only for students. Therefore, you are obliged to attach an official document from your university or professional school confirming your position at the institution as a student. We insist on this rule for the general safety of all the students we host.

When is my reservation confirmed?

Our automatic reservation system allows you to reserve a room. After this, our team will analyse your reservation, data, and documents provided as quickly as possible so that we can confirm your reservation. After this, your room at our residence is secured! We recommend that you visit your member's area frequently so that you can check the status of your reservation.

Some rooms don't seem to be available for certain times. What is going on?

Rooms in our student residence are in high demand. If a room does not show up for certain semesters, it's likely that it has already been reserved for that period of time, or is pending confirmation. On rare ocasions, rooms that have disappeared become available again (usually due to StudentVille rejecting a reservation), so if your dream room isn't available, check regularly to see if you're lucky! We will let you know once an entire residence is fully booked for a semester on that residence's page.

Will I pay any fees for making a reservation?

Apart from any fees your bank may charge you, you don’t have to worry about any extras – we pay all other fees to ensure you’re not penalised!

What happens to my payment if my reservation isn’t confirmed?

If you are a student and provide us with the required documentation confirming so, it is very unlikely that your reservation won’t be confirmed – we are extremely inclusive! If, for any reason, we reject your reservation, your payment will be refunded – except for any fees that may have been charged over the total amount. 

When I book a room for a year, it doesn’t show the total amount to be paid.

When you book a room for an entire year, we immediately charge you for the first six months. The remaining amount relating to the second semester must be paid in full up to 2 months before the start of the second semester. If we do not receive the second part of the payment until 2 months before the beginning of the second academic semester, your reservation may be cancelled and the room rented out to another student.

When will my deposit be refunded?

Your deposit will be refunded at the end of your tenancy, unless your room or any area of the student residence is damaged by your behaviour or infringement of the house rules. Any fines charged by StudentVille, or repairs/substitutions that were or need to be made resulting from your behaviour or infringement of the house rules will be withdrawn from your deposit.

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