04/04/2024 - In the 3D fun art museum, you can take sensational photos in "40 scenarios" and create fun moments with family and friends!

Nowadays, photographs are a constant in our daily lives and whenever we can, we don't miss the opportunity to take a selfie. There's a special place for those with a vivid imagination who like a bit of humour in every photo they take. At the 3D fun art museum, you can let your imagination run wild and create the funniest situations you can.

Bring your photos to life with the museum's 40 scenarios, optical illusions, and 3D images. Some of the themes change according to the season, so at Easter you can be next to the bunny and at Halloween inside a cemetery.

Take the opportunity to book your ticket online and, if you want to invite your family, you can do so with the group packages offered on the website.

Don't miss out on this visit where you'll have lots of fun and create new memories to look back on later.

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