28/09/2023 - "Urban(R)Evolution", an exhibition and journey through the urban art movement.

"Urban(R)Evolution" recounts the fascinating development of urban art, from its beginnings in the form of tags, graffiti, and underground paintings, through the influential middle period to street art.

The exhibition includes immersive sections that show the various styles and techniques that have evolved from the genesis of street art to the present day. Renowned Portuguese and international artists create these captivating installations from movement.

The revolutionary aspect of the exhibition lies in the intentional accessibility of the works of the urban art movement. The artists' openness to working on any surface and their use of diverse media and techniques were decisive for a global art movement. Urban(R)Evolution explores the phenomenal creative explosion that swept the world, facilitated by the power of the media and the low barrier of entry for artists.

Accessible at the Cordoaria Nacional, it features only original interventions - some created in situ - on display until 3rd of December 2023.

The exhibition runs from Monday to Sunday (and public holidays) from 10.30am to 7.30pm, with tickets available from €6 to €15.

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