18/01/2024 – Lisboa Mistura, arm in arm with multiculturalism

Since 2006, Lisboa Mistura has established itself as an intercultural space for learning about and registering new languages and trends. It has become a reflection of the enrichment, sharing, celebration and healthy confrontation that have arisen from the urban encounters that have marked the creative contemporaneity of the city of Lisbon in recent years.

This project seeks to be an intercultural space for knowledge and sharing, Lisboa Mistura thus showcases different projects from Lisbon's neighbourhoods, giving visibility to difference and curiosity, and making the city a place of inclusion.

Lisboa Mistura's ambition is to be a moment of building the joy needed to live side by side, resisting the annihilation of difference.

On 20 and 21 January, Lisboa Mistura has prepared a whole programme, including concerts, debates, workshops and much more.

You can consult the event's full programme here.

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