29/02/2024 – Today is 'World Rare Disease Day', a date that aims to support all people who suffer from this type of illnesses.

This date is marked in more than 80 countries around the world and aims to alert the world's population to this type of disease and to the difficulties that patients suffering from rare diseases face on a daily basis.

There are many rare diseases, ranging from chronic, serious, and degenerative illnesses, which put patients' lives at risk.

In the European Union, rare diseases are those with a prevalence of less than 5 in 10,000 people. There are around 6,000 to 8,000 rare diseases, most of which are genetic in origin.

It is estimated that rare diseases affect nearly 40 million people in Europe, especially children.

The aim of this cause is also to help improve access to treatment and medical care for individuals with a rare disease, as well as their families.

World Rare Disease Day is celebrated on the last day of February.

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