13/06/2024 - On 15th and 16th June 2024, the Museum of Lisbon - Roman Theatre will be celebrating European Archaeology Days 2024, promoting visits and activities for everyone!

The European Archaeological Days (EAD) are an event organised by around 47 European countries, including Portugal. Since 2010, the French Ministry of Culture has entrusted the Institut National de Recherches Archéologiques Préventives (INRAP) with coordinating and promoting the National Archaeology Days.


All the organisations involved in archaeology come together to show the public the treasures of the archaeological heritage and the behind-the-scenes work. Archaeologists, researchers, institutes, universities, museums and archaeological sites, laboratories, associations, archive centres and local authorities are encouraged to organise innovative, original, and interactive activities for the general public.


In 2019, the NAD, which had previously only been held in France, was extended to include Europe. Seventeen countries took part for the first time. In 2020, the NAD became the European Archaeological Days (EAD). The event remained open to Europe, with 28 countries taking part in the 2020 edition and around 500 different European organisers.


Admission is free and participation in the activities does not require prior registration. Participate!

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