8.10.2020-Most of the beds reported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education were already part of the state offer and counting the removed and new beds, there are fewer options for those going out to study. 

The StudentVille reported last week that the newspaper Público had found that of the number of beds announced the past week by the government not all are actually available. After the calculations presented, of the 780 beds that the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education guarantees have increased the offer of accommodation for students in higher education, only 64 are actually new. This is only 8% of the total announced.   

It can be understood from this information from the Público newspaper, that due to the pandemic, only 32 of the 64 new beds will be available to comply with the rules of the Health Department, but counting the beds that have been withdrawn leaves a negative balance.  

The remaining posts counted relate to spaces that existed and were subject to works or new equipment that were already being used last school year. 

As result, there are fewer beds for those who are going to study outside their city. 

The StudentVille already has its accommodation capacity almost full, but there are still some rooms available for you.  

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