27-10-22. As university begins, there is a concept relevant to many students: saving

The first year at university may be an unfamiliar phase for many students, so here are some suggestions on how to get organized financially:

Create budgets - Distribute a part of the money for specific expenses, such as supermarket, transportation, academic supplies, defining the amount you will spend in each category, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Use the discounts for university students - The student card can bring you great benefits, since as a university student, you can enjoy discounts in several areas such as supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas, public transportation, or academic books.

Make your commute more sustainable - Use other less expensive alternatives such as public transport, or if you can, walk or cycle. If it is a longer commute, you can carpool.

Have and plan meals at home - The vast majority of a student's expenses focus on food, so planning and having meals at home is an essential tip to save time and money.

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