21-05-2020 The recognition of the associations Ay-Ó-Linda Republic and Boa-Bay-Ela Republicas entities of local historical and cultural or social interest, will be analyzed and voted by the City Council (CM) of Coimbra, during the month of May. 

The association Ay-Ó-Linda Republic was born in 1951, although it already existed with the name Mija-Gato Republic since 1949. It gathers a group of residences of an academic nature intended to house the student community, which maintains its historical, cultural and social function, keeping annually the celebrations of its anniversaries - called 'centenaries' since one year in a republic is equivalent to one hundred worldly years - they also organise, every ten years, the 'millenaries', celebrations that include various cultural and sporting activities. 

The association Boa-Bay-Ela Republic was founded on 26 January 1956, contributing to the social and cultural enrichment of the city of Coimbra.  

The Boa-Bay-Ela Republic has always received numerous visits and ceremonies, personalities of national and international reference, with emphasis on sports teams, of the most varied sports, which were received there when they came to play against the Academic of Coimbra. Fulfilling all the essential requirements to be recognised as an entity of local historical, cultural and social interest, the republic has an artistic heritage of an important collection. 

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