24.2.2022-On the 26th, 27th of February and on the 1st of March, get to know the Carnaval of Figueira da Foz. 30 minutes from your residence StudentVille Academia, in Coimbra. 

If in the South of Portugal, the Carnival of Torres is a landmark and in the North Ovar is a reference, in the central region, 30 minutes away from Coimbra, the Carnival of Figueira da Foz is one of the main references of the center of the country.  

With more than 1000 participants in each of the parades, on 25th of February and on the 1st of March, several carnival parades and an electric trio guarantee a lot of animation with the samba schools giving a different color to the Avenida do Brasil. 

Afterwards, you can still relax with a walk along the Praia do Relógio or Buarcos beach, and for those who know what they are doing, enjoy the waves of Praia do Cabedelo. 


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