04-03-2021 - The municipality of Coimbra approved the project for the Hospital Line, which will connect the city’s centre to the city’s health complex by metrobus (electric buses), as part of the Mondego Mobility System (SMM). 


The SMM, Mondego Mobility System, consists in the implementation of a metrobus, using electric vehicles that will circulate in the old railway of Lousã and in the urban area of Coimbra, connecting this city to Serpind, in the municipality of Lousã, passing through Miranda do Corvo, in a 42-kilometer extension.


The Hospital Line makes a direct connection from downtown Coimbra and the Lousã Line to Coimbra University Hospitals, the Portguese Institute os Oncology, and the Pediatric Hospital. The construction tenders for the remaining sections ( Portagem -  Coimbra B and Hospital Line) will be launched during 2021.


The approval of the execution project for the Hospital Line is a historical day in Coimbra for sustainable mobility, considering that this line is undoubtedly essential for the sustainability of the Mondego Mobility System project.


This is another fundamental breakthrough towards the full implementation of this structuring investment for the region of Coimbra. StudentVille will be even closer to the city center!


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