5.3.20-From 1stof March to 30thof June, Coimbra will be the exhibition room of the magnificence of the Italian inventor Leonardo Da Vinci. Check it out! 

Coimbra will host, from 1st of March to 30th of June, an exhibition around the universe of Leonardo da Vinci, presenting 12 machines built from sketches of the Italian artist and inventor. They will be on display at Casa das Caldeiras. 


Under the title "Leonardo da Vinci: Making knowledge visible", it will present 12 machines built from original sketches by the Italian inventor, donated by the American company IBM to the now extinctNational Museum of Science and Technology of Coimbra in 1969, whose collection was transferred to the Museum of Science of the University of Coimbra (MCUC).The machines, built by IBM in the context of its communication of science, are small objects of carpentry created from drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, the largest being a clock that will be one and a half meters high, with most of the machines being between 70 centimeters to one meter long. 


In addition to the machines, reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci's drawings and diagrams will also be on display. 


The exhibition is free of charge for the university community, with a price of €5 for the general public and €3, 50 for students and seniors. 

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