10-06-2021 - The Estação Imagem Award is back to Coimbra, for the fourth consecutive year, from 29th of May to 25th of July.

The fourth edition of the Estação Imagem Award in Coimbra, unique in the countrym will include a photojornalism award, a scholarship award, exhibitions, book publishing, workshops, a photography book market, conferences and other activities. 

The Estação Imagem Award is open to the participation of photojornalists from Portugal, PALOP ( Portuguese Speaking African Countries) and Galicia, as well as foreigners living in those Places.

The winnins cover of the Estação Imagem Award 2021 and the winner of the Estação Imagem 2021 Coimbra will allow the winnng photojornalist to develop a photographic project about the Coimbra district.

The Estalção Imagem Award will take place from May 29th to July 25th in emblematic spaces of the city, such as Edifício Chiado, Café Teatro do Teatro Académico Gil Vicente, Centro Cultural Penedo da Saudade and Casa Museu Bissaya Barreto.

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