23.12.2021-The Erasmus Student Network Portugal (ESN Portugal) launched again the challenge to Portuguese families to welcome Erasmus students in their homes on the 24th and 25th December to celebrate Christmas.

To provide a typical Portuguese Christmas for the international students who spend the Christmas time in Portugal, ESN Portugal promotes the programme "Christmas with Portuguese Families" created by a challenge made to the Portuguese families to welcome International students on the 24th and/or 25th of December in their homes.

The aim of this programme is to provide a warm and friendly environment for the celebration of Christmas, since the students are distant from their families and hometowns, promoting diversity and sharing of experiences.

Christmas is above all a time for fraternisation, family and togetherness, a way for you to have a family closeness, even if it is not yours. You can choose the family in the city where you study or move to another city.

Find out at ESN Portugal which families are registered. Due to the pandemic context, both sides can ask for Covid 19 tests. 

Come and live the joy of Christmas at a Portuguese table.

StudentVille wishes you a merry Christmas!

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