22-04-2021-The project "Valete vos viatores: travelling through Latin inscriptions across the Roman Empire" was one of the 8 European projects selected from a total of 115 applications.  


In scope of the CREATIVE EUROPE - MEDIA Program (BRIDGING CULTURE AND AUDIOVISUAL CONTENT THROUGH DIGITAL), promoted by the European Commission, the project Valete vos viatores: travelling through Latin inscriptions across the Roman Empire, was one of the 8 European projects selected. 


 The application resulted from a partnership between European universities, as well as between public entities and private companies. In addition to the University of Coimbra, the project also includes the Università degli Studi di Roma La Spienza (Italy), the Université Bordeaux-Montaigne (France) and the Universidad de Navarra (Spain), which coordinates the initiative.  


Based on the emphasis on Roman era inscriptions, this project is designed as a journey that links Lusitania, in the far west of the Roman Empire, to its capital, Rome. The work begins this early 2021 and will run for a year and a half. This is the first project of the EUROPE CREATIVE program in which the UNIVERSITY OF COIMBRA participates. 

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