19.8.2021-The admission to higher education has the highest number of placements since 2015. Lisbon is one of the cities that offers more opportunities in accessing higher education.  

The number of Higher Education placements is increasing again. This year there will be 52 242, the highest number since 2015, and 834 more than last year. 

The courses with the most openings at the universities of Lisbon and Coimbra are once again Law with 445 and 334 vacancies. Nursing, in the higher schools of Coimbra and Lisbon, appears with 320 and 285 vacancies.  

The Lisbon institutions are the ones that obtain more openings, thanks to the reinforcement of the offer in the digital area and the degrees with an index of excellence.  

Applications began on the 6th of August. 

If you are applying to Lisbon or Coimbra, discover our offer of excellent accommodation for your new academic stage. 

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