03/06/17 - TripAdvisor’s millions of users have reviewed and rated… and the results are now available through TripAdvisor’s 2017 Traveller’s Choice Awards, where Lisbon was voted one of the Top 10 European destinations.

The World-famous travel guide and companion has over 500 million reviews and opinions, and manages to get an amazing 390 million monthly average unique users – We’d say that’s more than enough to get a good poll going on – and that’s exactly what they’ve done! By compiling all of their reviews and ratings, they’ve let us know who the World’s favourites are and (somewhat expectedly, if you’ve ever visited) Lisbon made it into the Top 10 European Destinations.

Visit TripAdvisor to find out all of the 1,407 things they’ve compiled for you to do in Lisbon with top attractions including discovering the sea life at the Lisbon Oceanarium, getting to know all the little streets and famous monuments through the City tours, visiting the Belém cultural hotspot, roaming about Lisbon’s different neighbourhoods, amongst many others!

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