23/05/2024 - Another edition of Europe's biggest academic festival is about to begin, taking place over eight days in May, as many days as there are Faculties at the University of Coimbra.

With an extensive programme of sporting and cultural activities, as well as various parties and musical concerts, the Queima das Fitas marks the end of classes, before the exam season, and is the culmination of the experience that students have had throughout the year.

For the finalists, it's a farewell to University and student life, while for the freshmen, it's their official integration into the academy. The Queima das Fitas is a milestone in the life of any student at the Coimbra Academy, as it marks the various stages of their university career, from the moment they are admitted to the University until they leave it to enter the labour market.

The Academy's week begins with the Monumental Serenade (This year it was cancelled due to the impossibility of holding it in the Old Cathedral as tradition dictates), while the programme also includes the Faculty Gala Ball (this event will take place on the night of May 21st), the ‘Queima’ do Grelo (on May 26th, in Largo da Sé Nova, at 10am) and the Quartanistas Parade (26 May), among other initiatives, and not forgetting, of course, the popular Nights in the Park, where every night there's lots of entertainment with bands, DJs and others. These are days and nights of socialising, relaxation and entertainment that mark the end of another school year.

During the Queima da Fitas, Coimbra experiences a unique atmosphere of festivity and tradition. And among the students, friendships are strengthened, love is experienced, stories are shared, and experiences are created that will mark their lives forever.

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