5.12.2019-Studying efficiently is a challenge. In order for you to succeed, StudentVille leaves here 6 tips to learn more! 

Studying doesn't always mean in fact learning a subject. In order to assimilate the content studied efficiently, it is necessary to understand or relate it to something easy to be memorized, or even to adapt or develop some own learning techniques. Therefore, we have selected 6 tips so that you can study efficiently. They are: 

1-Create a schedule; 

2-To be realistic, dedicating between 8 and 10 hours of the day to the studies; 

3-Say NO to procrastination, generating motivation. Sometimes a group study helps; 

4-Practicing some physical exercise, improve your mood and focus; 

5-Evaluate your organizational tool, measuring and evaluating if the chosen method was effective for you. This helps you to recognize if you need to make any changes to complete any university assignments; 

6-Rest well (Required!) 

Good study! 

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