14.4.2022- "reSURGIR" is the theme of the fourth edition of TEDxUniversidadeedeCoimbra. The event takes place on the 23rd of April, at Rainha Santa Isabel College. 

On the 23rd of April, the fourth edition of TEDxUniversidadedeCoimbra will take place under the theme "reSURGIR".  

The event is being organised, under TED license, by the Coimbra´s Academic Association of Coimbra's Medical Students' Centre, in collaboration with students from other faculties of the University of Coimbra. 

The theme "reSURGIR" comes from the need to broaden horizons and invest in ideas that are worth sharing in a world where reinvention is the "order of the day".  

The main goal of the event is to share experiences and innovative ideas that cover relevant topics from science, entrepreneurship, digital world, environmental crises and interpersonal relationships. 

This year, TEDxUniversidadedeCoimbra returns in a face-to-face format, in the Ana Maria Javouhey Auditorium, at Rainha Santa Isabel College. 

You can find information about the event at tedxuniversidadedecoimbra.pt. 

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