13.10.22 - The project "UC plants - Know how to plant the future" will provide 250 native plants (trees and shrubs) to distribute to 1st year students interested in taking and caring for a tree for one year.

The Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra intends to welcome new students in a sustainable way. It aims to raise environmental awareness, promoting biodiversity and the recovery of national forests.

Oaks, arbutus, and pine trees are some of the eight tree species available for adoption by new students at the University of Coimbra.

Each donated plant will be accompanied by a kit, which will contain the donated plant with a plate, a label with its scientific name and its common name, and finally a small guidebook that includes a list of the 8 species that will be donated by the botanical garden of Coimbra. Each guide also includes an information sheet for the species, which has not only the botanical part (common name, family, distribution around Portugal, and habitat), but also a guide to care and problem solving, specific to each plant. 

After a year, the trees will be planted in a green space in the region in collaboration with the ICNF (Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests).

 Learn more about this initiative here.

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