08/06/23 - The Lisbon Saints 2023 promise to bring an explosion of joy and culture to the Portuguese capital.

The annual festivities, which celebrate Saint Anthony, Saint John, and Saint Peter, will enchant residents and tourists alike with a schedule filled with music, dance, and traditions.

The city is already counting down to the highlight of the celebrations, the night of June 12th to 13th, known as the night of Saint Anthony. During this magical night, the streets of Lisbon will come alive with street parties, popular marches, Saint Anthony’s weddings, and lots of excitement. Historic neighbourhoods such as Alfama, Mouraria, and Bairro Alto will be the stage for vibrant parties, where residents and visitors can savour traditional delicacies like grilled sardines and basil plants while enjoying live music.

In addition, the program for the Lisbon Saints 2023 will include concerts by popular artists, folklore performances, fireworks display, and cultural activities for all ages. There will also be thematic fairs spread throughout the city, offering local crafts, typical gastronomy, and entertainment for the younger ones.

The Lisbon Saints are a beloved tradition for the people of Lisbon and a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and energy of this charming city. Get ready to experience unforgettable moments during these unique festivities!

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