3.2.2022-When it comes to taking exams, the alternative is to study, as much as possible. But time always seems too little for such a task. The temptation is to stretch the days, stealing hours from sleep. Nothing could be more wrong. StudentVille will help you! 

Sleep, for those who don't know, is as important as eating. Lack of sleep causes serious cognitive changes, mental performance is affected, we have less ability to concentrate and less memory. The brain takes advantage of rest to regenerate itself. This is the computer that should work perfectly during exam season.  

Resisting sleep with coffees, energy drinks, drugs or stimulating medicines is common among students who spend sleepless nights studying to pass their exams, but often the only thing they manage is to get a "blank" on the day of the exam. 

For this exam season we leave here some techniques to sleep fast and tricks to sleep better that you should know: 

- Set aside two hours before bedtime to relax 

- Try to have your last meal of the day as early as possible 

- Drink your last coffee after lunch 

- Switch off lights, mobile phone or any screen and go to bed at the same time every night 

- Focus on your breathing and let the anxiety go  

- Maintain a physical activity routine (yoga, treadmill, walking...) 

- Take relaxation breaks during the day, at least 15 minutes during the day. 


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