5.1.2023- Start 2023 with total focus on your studies. Discover some tricks that will help you!     

In this run-up to your exams, know that you don't need to be anxious!   

StudentVille wants you to maintain your well-being and your mental sanity, so we recommend:  

. Good time management is about balancing your obligations, organising your tasks in a diary (it can be a calendar like the one on google);   

. Have some rest breaks;  

. Meditate - the intention is to slow down the rhythm and focus on the present moment, instead of thinking about the future.   

If you prefer, connect to LoFi music, and relax ...;  

. Working as a team prevents you from becoming anxious, because you can exchange doubts and even help other colleagues who need you in another subject that you master. It's motivating!   



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