27-08-2020: The University of Coimbra has opened a new UC store, located in the Colégio de Jesus, adapted to the new times of pandemic and social distancing.

 The UC Online store will make it possible to purchase most of the products in the physical store, anywhere in the world, in a more convenient way.

 The UC stores mainly sell material associated with the image of the University, in the form of small objects, souvenirs and books from the University of Coimbra Press. The new physical facilities return space to the users of the General Library of the University, and will allow more fluid circulation in the store, avoiding queues in the street", guarantees the University.

 The new UC store at the Colégio de Jesus will be the institution's main store, due to the space and supply of material, and the Law store, currently in operation, will also have the new ticket office space, formerly located at the entrance to the General Library of the University of Coimbra, and which will now be integrated with a vending space and rest areas.

 The new store stands out for its "wider and more dignified" space to welcome tourists, which will be organized with historical furniture of the building, and with a larger exhibition area, having also an area dedicated to the University of Coimbra Press books.

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