30-07-2020-ULisboa is in the top 30 European areas of Agricultural Sciences, Control and Automation, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Science and Energy Engineering, Naval and Ocean Engineering, Oceanography, Remote Sensing, Science and Transport Technology

ULisboa leads at national level 27 areas, being the only university considered by the ranking for evaluation in the areas of Water Resources, Naval and Ocean Engineering, Remote Detection and Statistics.

The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), also known as Shanghai Ranking,is internationally recognised as one of the most important worldwide and was launched by subjects in 2009. The 2020 edition evaluated more than 4000 universities in 54 subjects in the areas of Natural Sciences, Life Sciences, Engineering, Medical Sciences and Social Sciences.

The Shanghai Ranking confirms once again that the positioning of the University of Lisbon in the national and international context is relevant and unavoidable.

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