15/02/2024 – ‘XVI Tunalidades’, the Women's Tunas Festival, in Coimbra

In the 14th century, Coimbra witnessed the forbidden love of Prince Pedro for a beautiful maiden named Inês de Castro.

Legend has it that it was at Quinta das Lágrimas that Inês wept when she was killed at the behest of Pedro's father, King Afonso IV. The blood she shed then still colours the stones of the fountain that was born from her tears...

Are you ready to welcome the Legends of Portugal on 16th and 17th February to the cradle of the most beautiful love story ever?


The FANS - Women's Tuna of the University of Coimbra are pleased to announce the 16th edition of their festival, the XVI Tunalidades - Festival of Women's Tunas, with the following tunas taking part in the competition:

- TFIST, Tun'Obebes, TunaMaria and Estudantina Feminina.


To embellish these two evenings, there will also be the participation of the Coimbra Song Group Inquietação, Orquestra Típica e Rancho, FAN-Farra Académica de Coimbra and the Estudantina Universitária de Coimbra.

The ‘Serenade Night’ is free, and you can listen to it on 16th February at Café Santa Cruz and, on 17th February at 8.30pm at TAGV (Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente), you can watch the big Show Night.


Tickets are available to buy from BOL and the TAGV box office. You can also check the full programme here.

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