16.06.2022- The offers are countless and bring the return of fado, jazz, opera, indie, folk, funky, soul, reggae, electronic and rock to festivals in Portugal. And it's not just music festivals, film festivals will happen too!  

Festival, a word so similar in many languages, designates in all of them a big party and adjectives a celebratory atmosphere; in Portugal we would add that they have a very characteristic contagious atmosphere! Whether motivated by the end of social isolation, by change of routine to scenarios that easily surprise, or by feelings of happiness and conviviality - it will be good to be able to create memories again! 

When you don't know which one to choose, most sought after have already announced their posters and Sumol Summer Fest, EDP Cool jazz, NOS Primavera Sound, NOS Alive, Trace Made in Africa Festival, Super Bock Super Rock, Jazz em Agosto, O Sol da Caparica, Operafest Lisboa'22, Kalorama, Rock in rio, Jardim Sonoro, Festival Super Bock in Stock'22 are back; to these, others more alternative ones also join, such as, Neopop, Paredes de Coura, Festival do Crato and Festival Músicas do Mundo. Check out more information here.  

Film festivals are also a good option over the next few months; Almada'22 Festival, MOTELx, Queer Lisboa, Doclisboa'22 - International Film Festival, French Film Festival, PORTO/POST/DOC, and the Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival will take place. Our Film and Audiovisual Institute helps you to keep up to date.   

It must be said, good festivities! 

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