2.6.2022- Studying efficiently is a challenge. For you to succeed, StudentVille has some tips for you! 

Exam season is here, and it is important to know or remember that there are a few tricks that can come in quite handy when it comes to studying, choosing how to study, and how much or when to study. 

Study space is very important, so choose the right environment. You already know that in your StudentVille residences you will always have prepared spaces that will help you in this stage, be it in the privacy of your studio at Studios, in the living room surrounded by natural light or garden at your Central, or in the study room, living room, and terraces at your Academia. 

Now, here are the tricks! 

After you understand what kind of subject it is (theoretical or practical), look for the most suitable auxiliary material and ask colleagues for summaries.  

Create a schedule; 

Read, summarize, map. Making visual schemes helps a lot to make use of memory skills like visual memory. 

But most of all, practice!!! 

Be realistic, dedicating between 8 and 10 hours a day to your studies;  

Say NO to procrastination, motivating yourself. Sometimes studying in a group helps;  

Practice some physical exercise, because it helps to concentrate your state of mind and gain focus and rest well (Mandatory!)  

Good study!  

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