25/04/2024 – One of the most important chapters in Portugal's history: 50 years of 25th April, 50 years of a unique, historic revolution that characterises what it means to be Portuguese.

In 2024 Portugal celebrates 50 years of the Carnation Revolution, of Freedom and of the People!

All over the country there are celebrations of this very Portuguese date, so important in Portuguese culture, known as 'Freedom Day'.

But what happened on 25th April 1974? And why?

Through the revolt of the Portuguese military for the good of their homeland and the nation they defended, on 25 April 1974 they carried out a military coup d'état, putting an end to the dictatorial regime of the Estado Novo, led at the time by António de Oliveira Salazar.

And so, the Armed Forces Movement (MFA in Portuguese) overthrew the dictatorial regime that had oppressed the Portuguese people for 48 years. Known as the April Military, they were clear in their promises: an end to repression, a return to freedom, an end to war and colonialism, and democracy would come.

With all this, the Carnation Revolution put an end to the isolationism to which Portugal had been condemned for several years and helped to give birth to new independent countries.

It was the pioneering movement of enormous democratic transformations around the world and demonstrated that the Armed Forces are not condemned to be an instrument of oppression, but can, on the contrary, be a liberating element for the peoples and nations they represent.

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