18/04/2024 – ‘Abril Dança Coimbra’ Festival, a demonstration of national and international talent and freedom of expression through music and dance, in the month that marks the 50th anniversary of the Revolution of Freedom.

The festival invites everyone and takes place from the 5th to 29th April (World Dance Day) in four well-known cultural venues in the municipality:

- At the Convento São Francisco (CSF), the Oficina Municipal do Teatro (OMT), the Teatro da Cerca de São Bernardo (TCSB) and the Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente (TAGV).

This year, the extension partnership with the 'Dias da Dança Festival' is maintained and new creators are presented, such as Marta Cerqueira, Catarina Miranda, or names from the new Portuguese dance, such as Né Barros.

There are absolute premieres: "SUPER!", by Miguel Pereira, and "Suores de Mel e a Morte Não Terá Domínio", by Joana von Mayer Trindade and Hugo Calhim Cristóvão. There's also a preview of "ΛƬSUMOЯI", by Catarina Miranda.

The 'Abril Dança Coimbra 2024' festival aims to showcase the creative panorama of national and international dance and remember the value of dance and musical expression for everyone's freedom, showing how through dance we can express ourselves, even without words.

You can see the full programme here.

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