13/07/23 - Tradidanças, the festival of Traditions, Dance, Music, and Nature. The 2023 edition will take place from 2 to 6 August in Carvalhais, São Pedro do Sul.[SA1] 

The Tradidanças Festival is an artistic-cultural project, promoting ancestral knowledge crossed with contemporaneity, in a search for cultural offer to the local community and to all visitors, in general. The festival has a lot and diversified animation, available camping, and much more that you won't want to miss.

The Tourism and Agriculture Association of Serra da Arada (TAASA) is a non-profit association of socio-cultural and business dynamization, which aims to promote the territory of Serra da Arada, inserted in the Parish Union of Carvalhais and Candal, in the scope of tourism, agriculture, and its interconnection, developing activities in these areas and in the areas of environment, culture, history, and several patrimonies.

São Pedro do Sul has so much more to offer beyond this event, especially to Nature lovers, from walking along the top of the Arada mountain range, of São Macário and feeling free, peek through the typical and schist villages that are hidden in the valley corners.

It is to dive into the rivers, streams and wells that refresh those who visit them, to walk along trails and, to challenge ourselves to get to know Portugal and the best it has to offer.

Come and discover the history and culture of this municipality and be surprised by its rich heritage.

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