20/07/2023 – From the 20th to 30th July, visit Óbidos Medieval Market and travel back in time.

Another edition of the magnificent Óbidos Medieval Market starts today.

Surrounded by walls, the town of Óbidos is the ideal scenery for hundreds of extras and actors that, dressed up, animate the streets giving life to noblemen, almocreves, jugglers, musicians and troubadours, jugglers, and dancers.

The main area of entertainment is next to the castle and is the stage for tournaments on horseback or on foot, medieval suppers and the market, where everything from costumes to the traditional remedies of the time is sold.

Renting medieval costumes is one of the most sought-after experiences at the Medieval Market of Óbidos. Between ladies and nobles, knights, maids and squires, merchants or feudal servants, friars and Templars, court jesters or other players, you will find more than 500 costumes to choose your 'persona' and embark on a journey to the Past.

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