16/11/2023 - Portugal: much more than just good food and good weather, a country with excellent higher education!

In an increasingly global world, the search for an excellent education transcends borders, and Portugal is increasingly emerging as a destination of choice for foreign students, who value not only academic quality but also enriching cultural experiences.

The choice of Portugal to pursue higher education is due to family relocation and the Erasmus programme, the main reasons given by European students.

In a statement, the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education said that around 446,028 students were enrolled in Portuguese universities and polytechnics in 2022/23, an increase of 3% on the previous year.

The increase in foreign students enrolled shows a trend that has been going on since 2015-2016 (358,450), with an accumulated growth of 24%.

This result reinforces confidence that Portugal is on track to achieve its long-term qualification goals, and that it is undoubtedly a country seen as a strong bet for a quality higher education.

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