01/02/18 – With the new semester starting today, StudentVille went to Universia to get some tips on how to prepare your study plan for 2018.

We all know how difficult it can be to prepare for your coursework and exams throughout the semester and so we decided to go to Universia to get some tips on some of the best methods for organising yourself and studying effectively.

The main conclusion is that there is no universal study method which will guarantee you success – you should take a look at these 6 methods and adapt them to best serve your own way of learning. What works for one person might not work for another and so be sure to find out what works best for you!


It is important to figure out what the best place is for you to study in. You may like open and shared spaces or you may prefer the comfort and quiet of your own room. Try out some different locations and when you find the one that allows you to retain the most information, stick to the same place so that your concentration stays consistently at the same level.


Always work towards specific goals and objectives. If you’re studying for your finals, make sure to put the dates in your diary and ensure you give yourself enough time for each one. Try and finish your coursework ahead of time – it will take the weight off your shoulders and allow you to focus on other pieces of work (as well as allow you to have some well-earned fun time!).


Make sure all of your study material is well organised and easily accessible – both the physical things such as books, as well as in folders in your computer.


There are dozens of tools available to help you with your studies, from Google Scholar to various apps, such as time tracking, and recording of lectures.

5)Test yourself

Are you keeping in all the information you’re learning? Test yourself regularly, either with your own tests or online ones, to make sure you are learning the important stuff!

6)Real Life Case Studies

Sometimes the best way of retaining information is to apply it to real life scenarios. This can go from looking at case studies to making anagrams.

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