23/03/18 – Having a great place to stay is essential whilst at University, yet 64% of students in Portugal complain about their accommodation.

The Lisbon Academic Federation (FAL) has released the results to their study on student accommodation for non-local students and concluded that 64% of students are not minimally satisfied with their accommodation, according to Público. The study was based on inquiries with 400 students studying away from home, with most of them being at least 250km away.

Amongst findings, some shocking situations were unveiled ranging from one case in a public university’s residence where 50 students have to share one stove, to houses where students are required to pay to use the kitchen.

Another common complaint (45%) was that the fridges provided aren’t big enough for the number of users, and that many student residences didn’t have internet access.

Whilst 40% of students who live in student residences complained that the facilities provided weren’t adequate enough, the number was worse for those renting private houses – this may well be due to the fact that most private landlords don’t register tenancy contracts or provide rental receipts to their tenants hence might feel less of a responsibility towards them.

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