10-12-2020 The Academic Association of Coimbra and the University of Coimbra have launched a volunteer project to support students in prophylactic isolation or infected with Covid-19.  

This project consists in a support network for students who are in isolation due to the pandemic situation that we are experiencing and who will have at their disposal a meal delivery service by University of Coimbra Social Services (SASUC) at home, carried out by colleagues who would volunteer. 

This team will also be made up of university students who will be able to register through the new platform UC Transforma. 


Due to the high risk of contamination, the initiative will have a set of compulsory measures. In addition to individual protection, the volunteers will leave the food at the student's door, who will then collect it as soon as there is a safe distance between them. All volunteers will also be asked to sign a term of responsibility in which they undertake not to disclose data about isolated students. 



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