24.10.19-The process of attribution of scholarships in Higher Education has already reached close to 8000 university students.  

Almost 8000 students in higher education are already receiving the social scholarships paid for by the State, says the newspaper Público, which is great news for Higher Education. Considering the difficulty in attributing the scholarships last year, this figure expresses the normality of the process, after the computer problems that delayed the analysis of the applications at the start of last academic year. As such, the students will be able to start this school year in a more peaceful and also more productive way. Payments have been made weekly so that students can start receiving support more quickly. Last year, by this time, around 1600 students had received state support. So far, 89,927 applications for social action grants have been submitted for this year, with 48.5% still to be evaluated.  

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