13.2.2020-Coimbra hosts robotics competition on 15th and 16th of February at AlmaShooping 

For the sixth year, Coimbra is the stage for BotOlympics, an event organized by the Núcleo de Estudantes de Engenharia Eletrotécnica e de Computadores da Associação Académica de Coimbra (NEEEC/AAC) in partnership with the Clube de Robótica da Universidade de Coimbra (CR/UC). 

This event, which has guaranteed certification of Incode 2030, consists of robotics competitions between teams from basic to higher education and will take place on the weekend of 15th and 16th of February, in which 140 participants are expected. 

On the 15th of February, it will be for the youngest - Bot Kids and on the 16th of February is the FCTUC Grand Final, the Bot'n Roll, and ISR, a competition that includes students from several schools in the country. 

The prizes awarded will be the supply of technological and cultural materials and tickets to the main national festivals. 


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